Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Melipilla Comments and Gallery

"It was a great experience to share our problems or difficulties that we, as teachers, have. Thanks to Susan and the British Council for giving these opportunities to improve as English Teachers" Betsabé Barrera

"There's nothing better than sharing with your colleagues, it's the only way to omprove and take advantage of what we have". Andrea Arancibia

"Impossible is nothing" Leyla Velasco

"there's always time for learning a bit more" Carlos Arévalo

"Thanks for the opportunity of being here sharing and learning more about teaching". Alejandra Valencia.

"Dear friends: teach with love, teach with effort, teach innovating and be happy" Rosario Fuenzalida.

Thanks Carlos for taking the pictures!

"It is very important for us to be part of an experience that forces us to face different situations that make us to feel the same our students feel. It is a real experience of learning and feel the same our students feel. It is a real experience of of learning and feel better and willing to change many or at least some aspects of my teaching". Sandra Rubina

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Susan Hillyard said...

Dear Gaby,
I think you have done a wonderful job. How can we encourage the teachers to make comments? If you have their emails in groups perhaps you can send a message reminding them. I'm looking forward to seeing the complete blog when you have time. It was a great experience for me. Best wishes
Susan H