Friday, November 9, 2007

Comments and Pictures - Antofagasta

"We never stop learning" Let's take advantage of every opportunity we are offered! Thanks! Andrea González

"I'm very happy to to have the opportunity to participate in this workshop, because I learned new activities to teach English in a more attractive way, to meet colleagues I've not met before, to share our teaching experience and the most important of all, to have a very good teacher who - through her model and example - gave us more than reading a book, because Susan is a great person and a teacher. She motivated me a lot to continue teaching English". Vilma Vranicic

"Hi! I am Norma and I feel happy to have this opportunity to listen, practice and share experiences with other teachers. In this way, I understand that I'm not an island fighting in the ocean. There exists more like me, with the same problems or similar ones to be solved in the classroom" Norma Bernal

"It is wonderful to be informed about what is happening in our English world; we need more and more to help our students. When we motivate them more, we will get better results and improve their learning" Ana María Estay

"Please don't leave the opportunity to go to workshops. These workshops are good activities to become better teachers" Ingrid Muñoz Soto

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